Schloss Lichtenberg

Schloß Lichtenberg is situated on a promonotory, app. 1000m high, of the mountain range „Steinernes Meer“, separating the Austrian province of Salzburg- until 1803 a sovereign ecclesiastic principality in the Holy Roman Empire - and Bavaria, German republic. It dates back to the end of the first millenium and was aquired by the prince-archbishop of Salzburg Rudolf von Hohenegg in 1287. Until the overthrow of the Holy Roman Empire by the French revolution in 1803/06 it was the seat of the county judges, who were also governors, of the archbishops. Nearby is he hermitage of St. George, which for centuries was and still is a place of pilgrimage for the local population and, still inhabited by a monk, a tourist attraction. Under the peace concluded in Vienna in 1815 Schloß Lichtenberg fell to the Austrian government which let it decay, until my great grandfather Dr. Adolf Weiss, ennobled in 1886 as „knight von Tessbach“ fell in love with it, bought the ruin and restored it with great expense. Although his heirs lost their Bohemian wealth which theretofore financed the costly upkeep, their love fort his castle induced them to keep it with their greatly reduced income, mainly earned by work. It is my intention to open this castle – without closing it for the family- for the education of school children to spend there a week in turns with their teachers and mothers as a good nursery for all. Therefore I must sell my books – and perhaps some to come – I have a chest full of unpublished manuscripts and many projects./
Soweit der Text. Folgende Bildunterschriften in Englisch:
Schloß Lichtenberg, formerly county court of the prince archbishops in the „Pinzgau“
Painting of the tale of the Lord of Hunt (17th century)
Ordeal (divine judgement) in Oberhall (1392)
Castle chapel – altar with the altar picture of the virgin with the child Jesus; to the right side
St. Joseph, to the left St. Pankratius
Court window of the chapel, St. John the evangelist, St. Christoph
Relief sculpture of St. George by Zumbusch
Knights hall with chimney decorated with the coat of arms and
a peasant wardrobe of 1735 with rich carvings
Chapel of St. George at the hermitage
View of Lichtenberg from the hermitage

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